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FoodSphere emits a cloud of Magnetic Interference (M.I. Cloud™) that is different from what normal magnets produce. It is designed to specifically increase the tension of liquid molecules and tones tissue cells, pulling them closer together and slowing down dehydration.

For perishable food, the increase in water bonding helps to slow down food dehydration and slows spoilage from bacteria growth. The M.I. Cloud™ is also able to suppress or minimize any change in the energy state when the perishable food is subjected to a fluctuating temperature that consequently influences the relative humidity. Therefore, the effect of the interfered magnetic fields on keeping food fresh will be most significant in situations where the perishable food is stored in an environment where it is subjected to unstable or fluctuating storage temperatures.

FoodSphere technology fighting off bacteria, such as E-Coli

    The M.I. Cloud affects  even harmful bacteria, like E-Coli, in food, reducing their ability to reproduce, thereby reducing the amount of bacteria in food by 10X what is found under normal conditions.
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance free
  • No electricity required
  • Suitable for use in temps between -4ºF and 104ºF
  • Able to penetrate all NON-METALLIC materials. i.e. food, glass, ceramic, ice, water, plastic, paper, wood and similar materials
    Simple instructions:
  • Use labeled side toward food
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Remove metallic packaging
  • Refrigerated food storage
  • Food transfer and storage containers
  • Food display cases
  • Home and commercial uses

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