SleepEzy Fun Facts

SleepEzy Fun Facts

Do you know?

Good quality sleep is significantly influenced by the level of blood oxygen. The faster your blood oxygen reaches optimum levels, the earlier your body organs and muscles are repaired. However as we sleep, our breathing gets slower and shallower. This results in lower arterial blood oxygen level. This is detrimental to our sleep quality. Muscle tension in the neck and throat also relaxes, obstructing our airway. This usually causes snoring.

Stages of Sleep - SleepEzy - ESMo Technology

For normal sleep, our body undergoes several cycles of light sleep (Stage 1 & 2) to deep sleep (Stage 3 & REM (dream) sleep).

Poor quality sleep has less of Stage 3 & REM (dream) sleep whereas good quality sleep will experience longer periods of Stage 3 & REM (dream) sleep.

How can we get quality and deep sleep? Thankfully YES, with SleepEzy™!

Are you sleeping well?

Measure your sleep quality with Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), an international sleep quality index measurement tool!

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