FoodSphere How It Works

FoodSphere: How It Works

Fresh Fish

Benefits of using FoodSphere

  • Better retention of water in every food cell, slows food deterioration.
  • Helps to retain the original flavor of food longer.
  • Reduces bacteria growth in food.
  • Makes perishable foods last longer by up to 30%

EsMo Principle

With improved water binding in food, EsMo is able to delay the exponential growth of bacteria.

ESMo delays onset of bacteria exponential growth rate

Spinach keeps fresher, hydrated, with less bacterial growth.

Food with FoodSphere vs. without FoodSphere

Above test done in Frestech refrigerator, model no. BCD-206CHFY

Lab test reports on weight lost & total bacterial growth in vegetables after 4 days.

Lab Report on water loss and bacteria growth with FoodSphere

Keep fruits and mushroom fresh and hydrated

FoodSphere on Cakes & Pastries

Helps cakes remain fresh longer and prolongs shelf life.
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces spoilage and waste
  • Reduces bacterial growth.

Results my vary dependent on types of cakes and storage conditions.

Help retain cake freshness & prolong the shelf life

FoodSphere helps to reduce dehydration of perishable foods during the thawing process.

Freeze and thaw frozen foods

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