Heat Elevator FAQ

Heat Elevator FAQs

Q: Where do I find a water storage heater tank that uses the Heat Elevator technology?

A:Heat Elevator technology is presently used in all Joven Electric horizontal water storage heaters in Singapore and partially in West Malaysia.

Q: Where can I purchase a water storage heater tank with Heat Elevator?

A: You can visit Joven Electric website at http://jovenelectric.com/innovations/ or contact their sales for more details.

Q: Can I purchase a Heat Elevator device and use it in my existing water storage heater tank ?

A: Heat Elevator is a OEM technology specially designed for use in Joven Electric water storage heaters only.  Special product customisation is needed for use in other brands of water storage heater.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Absolutely yes. Heat Elevator emits no radiation and its magnetic field strength well within the safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (Reference. ICNIRP 2009).

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