SleepEzy FAQs

Is SleepEzy™ safe for me?

Absolutely. SleepEzy™ uses static interfered magnetic fields that strictly conforms to W.H.O. guidelines (Reference: ICNIRP 2009). The strength of each SleepEzy™ device is less than 700 Gauss whereas WHO guidelines is up to 4,000 Gauss.

How do I know when the SleepEzy™ device will expire?

Every SleepEzy™ device has a “Used by” date that will specify its shelf life.

Why is there a shelf life for SleepEzy™ device?

SleepEzy™ device contains many small charged magnets and are highly energized and active. These active magnets produce the desired benefits on health and sleep and has a limited life span.

I notice I have more dreams in my sleep. Is it good?

Absolutely. Dreaming is an important part of our sleep. It helps to improve our brain development, consolidates our memory and regulates our emotions. The frequency of dreams are related to our stress level in life and in work. Dreams help us to lessen our emotional stress.

Can SleepEzy™ device take hard knocks and drops?

As every individual SleepEzy™ magnets are highly energized, it is NOT ADVISABLE to subject the device to knocks and drops.

Can I wash the SleepEzy™ device, the pillow and covers?

As magnets will rust with water, DO NOT WASH the SleepEzy™ device together with the pillow. However, the pillow cover can be washed.

When and how fast can I obtain the positive effects on my sleep?

In most cases, the effect is immediately on the night of use. However, some cases do take longer by up to 7 days.

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