SleepEzy™ - How It Works

SleepEzy: How It Works

How does SleepEzy™ work?

SleepEzy™ emits a cloud of Magnetic Interference (M.I. Cloud) that are different from normal magnets.It is designed specifically to increase the tension of liquid molecules and tones body tissues, pulling them closer together.

Water Dropelets on SleepEzy™ - ESMo Technologies

Home Sleep Study Using Polysomnography

Test conducted by an external lab and certified by NUH & SGH

Sleeping with SleepEzy™ - ESMo Technologies

Polysomnography is a sleep study diagnostic tool with comprehensive recording of the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep.

Polysomnography results on Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI)- Polysomnography test showed SleepEzy™ significantly reduces the number of pauses in breathing during sleep; especially on individuals with low AHI - ESMo TechnologiesPolysomnography results on Flattening (breathing effort) - Polysomnography test shows SleepEzy™ helps breathing easier during sleep. - ESMo Technologies

Scientific results on SleepEzy™

Increase body blood circulation within minutes on SleepEzy™ - ESMo TechnologiesFaster and Higher oxygen saturation levels obtained with SleepEzy™ - Improved blood circulation eases heart rate with SleepEzy™ - ESMo Technologies

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index is an international sleep quality index measurement. It is a self-rated questionnaire which assesses sleep quality and disturbances over two weeks time interval.

On a test conducted on Nanyang Junior College Students:

Nanyang Junior College - ESMo TechnologiesSleepEzy™ improves sleep quality by 267% over without pillow - ESMo Technologies

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