SleepEzy Testimonials

SleepEzy Testimonials

I feel more refreshed and energetic after using SleepEzy!

Mr. Wong, 54

Thanks to SleepEzy, I’m now able to fell asleep easily. I used to have
difficulty sleeping at night because I sleep too much in the afternoon!

Nicole, 23

It’s now easier for me to sleep, and I can now sleep better. I get to
also enjoy my late night TV program, wake up easily in the morning, and fall asleep fast in the afternoon with my SleepEzy. Thanks!

Tan Chu Lek, 55

I’ve been suffering from daytime tiredness for years despite after 8
hours of sleep. I even had difficulty staying awake while driving and
I’ve to take a nap in between waking hours.

Recently my doctor has diagnosed my problem as Sleep Apnea and was recommended to buy a breathing aid machine (CPAD) but it costs thousands of dollars and it’s so inconvenient to use!

I saw SleepEzy at Guardian and bought one. Guess what? My daytime tiredness is now significantly reduced! I feel more energetic and I can concentrate better in the day. I'm so happy with SleepEzy and I am definitely going to recommend this to all my friends. Thank You.

Ms. Tan, Merchandiser, Late 40s

SleepEzy is great as it helps me sleep faster! It has also relaxed my shoulder. Thanks!

Ng, Executive, 40s

I’ve severe insomnia for years and even sleep doctors have given up
hope of treatment. I’ve heard that SleepEzy has worked well for my
friends but it wasn’t effective for me.

So I asked for a refund and they gave 100% of my money back within 2 weeks of use as promised. I am glad the refund process was easy, unlike the difficulties I experienced with other products. Good customer service and to all insomniacs, this is worth giving a try.

Henry, Business Owner, Early 30s

SleepEzy is a really good product and I really love it! As a busy woman, I tend to have difficulty sleeping as my mind is always awake even though my body is tired and I just want to sleep. It was so frustrating. I also used to have interrupted sleep but ever since I used SleepEzy, I can get to sleep almost immediately and my sleep is no longer interrupted! I love it!

Shahidah, Business Owner, 30s

Not only has SleepEzy enhanced my sleep quality, I no longer feel tired waking up every morning. Quite miraculously, my left arm also appears to have been cured of the numbness which I had from an old medical condition.

Mdm Tee, Manager, 40s

I've not been sleeping well for a number of years. I casually walked into Guardian yesterday and saw your product. Originally skeptical that this might be like those quack ones sold as snake oil, I eventually bought it. Surprisingly, the pillow made me sleep so well that I overslept and I'm not feeling very refreshed. SleepEzy works surprisingly well for me. Thanks!

Mdm Low

I had so much trouble with sleeping, waking up probably four times a
night. Ever since I got SleepEzy™, it changes my life and I slept much
better. It is like my best friend now.


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