PainEze - Directions

PainEze: Directions

PainEze: Step 1 - ESMo Technologies

Step One

Place the PainEze device inside clothing facing your pain.

PainEze: Step 2 - ESMo Technologies

Step Two

Secure device to you clothing with the magnetic button.

PainEze: Step 3 - ESMo Technologies

Step Three

Allow magnetic button to secure to clothing.

PainEze: Step 4 - ESMo Technologies

Step Four

Adjust PainEze to face the ideal spot for pain relief.


  • Relieve body aches & pains instantly*
  • Helps wounds heal faster.
  • Reduce potential aches & pains during exercise.
    (Wear PainEze™ during strenuous activity)

*Results may vary with different individuals.


  • Effective diameter of 8cm
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • No electricity required
  • Up to 3 years life

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